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Antec Mini Skeleton Review

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Let's be real, a very important part of any case is how it looks. The Antec Mini Skeleton looks both awesome, and innovative. It was very compact, but that's what you should be looking for in a Mini ITX case. I'm no expert on Mini ITX setups, but I'd say the Antec Mini Skeleton offered decent wire management capabilities. Rather then making the wires invisible, the Mini Skeleton allowed you to position them in a way that wouldn't effect airflow. Plus the wires in the open case made it look cool. I was also pleased to see that I could still use my IDE optical drive.

The Mini Skeleton lacked any way of installing a standard size HDD, but I was easily able to install one anyways. The fans make for excellent airflow, and they managed to cool the HDD a few degrees C below the "Open Air" setup. This is pretty amazing considering the HDD wasn't even in the case to begin with.

Although this case was extremely great, I did have one major problem with it. The built in PSU failed to power my system. The PSU is only 90W so I guessed it wouldn't be able to do much. I even pulled out the HDD and optical drive to be powered by a second PSU. This, however, didn't solve the problem. I ended up running the entire system off of a spare PSU. This problem would be minor, if it wasn't for the fact that the Skeleton doesn't accommodate for a PSU other then the built in one. To me this pretty much ruins the part of having a Mini ITX system, especially if you need a second object sitting on your desk. Although a less power hungry processor and motherboard combo might be able to mitigate this problem

I'd still recommend this case to any user looking to build an ITX rig. Just be warned, the Power Supply may not be up to the task of powering a full system!



  • Looks Great!
  • Performs Great!
  • Easily Expandable!
  • Makes it easy to swap out hardware
  • Accommodates IDE optical drives!



  • Integrated PSU needs low power components!


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