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Antec Micro Fusion 350 Review

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Overall I was pleased to work with this case. Hardware installation was straight forward, although a little time intensive. All temperatures were well within safe ranges, even on low fan speeds, which kept the case nearly inaudible up close. The look of the Antec Micro Fusion 350 would fit in well with any home theater, and the cooling capabilities along with reinforced top panel allow for it to be stacked with other devices. Vents located on the top panel allow the processor heat sink fan to suck in fresh air, while the bottom panel helps cool the motherboard. The remote control is small, simple, and works well even across the room. Also, the front panel LCD display will scroll news gathered online while it is not being used for media purposes, and will display the name of any media being used – movie names, music titles, even the time and date. It is very nice to have an included remote, as it would be a hassle to purchase one separately. The design of the air chambers ensures that all of the components stay relatively cool, even when the fans are set to low. The vents located on the top and bottom panels also help keep things running cool, as the CPU heat sink sucked fresh air in through the vent. The top side panel is also rather sturdy, reinforced by neoprene located along most of the structural components within, allowing for the case to be stackable with other appliances.

The only real bad thing to say about it, is that there is no room for the extra slack from the power supply, although it should be able to accommodate any motherboard with the reach of the cords. However, the cords do not impede performance, and since there are no windows, the good looks are still there. It is a double-edged sword, but I am overstating the cable length as a problem – it really wasn’t. Also, the lack of a 3.5” bay means that users cannot install a floppy drive or any other 3.5” devices. This would be problematic for a user who needed to flash the BIOS using a floppy drive. The sleekness of the case requires users to install low profile add-on cards, which is only a minor nuisance.

I would suggest this case to anyone interested in a sturdy, well ventilated, attractive home theater PC.



  • Remote control included
  • Power supply included is energy efficient
  • Dual-chamber air-design keeps hardware cooled
  • Proper ventilation
  • Neoprene reinforced side panel
  • Looks good
  • Lockable



  • No 3.5" external bays
  • Excessively long power cables


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