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Antec Easy SATA Review

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If you are looking to build a new computer with extra storage and you do not want to have even more cables running all around your desktop, then you may want to take a look at the Antec Easy SATA external enclosure as a possibility. The Easy SATA device not only is going to save you room on your desktop when you want to have an external storage solution, but it is going to keep your performance in-line with an internal hard drive because it is taking an internal hard drive and using the exact same connections it would normally have and allowing you to easily swap the hard drive out without having to open up your case. The only complaint that I have about the look of the Easy SATA is the fact that when there is a hard drive installed in it, it does hang out of the device slightly. I think it would have looked better if Antec could have somehow made the hard drive flush with the exterior of the case. Not only does it take away from the overall look of your computer, but it is also going to cause a problem if you have a door covering the drive bays on the front of your case.

The performance that you get out of using the Antec Easy SATA external hard drive enclosure is more or less like having it installed inside of your case, with just a slight decrease in performance. However this could be explained by other Microsoft processes running inside of Windows in the background during the testing. There is a one year warranty that comes with the Easy SATA, however I do not see much that could go wrong with the device itself. The installation of the device is very simple - you install it just like you would any other 5.25" device in an empty drive bay.

If you are looking for an external solution, I would highly recommend the Antec Easy SATA. Not only are you going to see similar performance from it when it is compared to an internal hard drive, but it is going to be able to stay with your case at all times, you are not going to need to have an extra adapter hanging around your computer using up a valuable outlet, and you are going to be able to switch it with another hard drive you have laying around very quickly and easily. I must give Antec props with this product, as they have basically turned a SATA hard drive into a large (size and capacity) floppy disk. I know that I will be using the Antec Easy SATA device inside of my personal setup.



  • Price
  • Performance
  • Ease of use/access
  • One year warranty
  • Ease of installation



  • Hard drive hangs out when installed
  • A small loss of performance
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