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Antec Easy SATA Review

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To properly test the Antec Easy SATA external hard drive enclosure, I am going to need to install a hard drive and running a few benchmarks on the hard drive when it is hooked up internally as well as through the Easy SATA device to see if there is any difference in scores. I will be runing the HD Tune benchmark suite including Average Transfer Rate, Access Time, Burst Rate, and reading the CPU Usage. This will give me my synthetic bencharmk scores. However I am going to need some real world testing, so this will be done by transfering three different sized file and calculating the time it takes. Well enough talking about it, let's get down and dirty to see exactly how this thing works! 

Testing Setup:




  • Seagate 1TB SATA (Internal)
  • Seagate 1TB SATA (Easy SATA)



  • Average Transfer Rate (HD Tune)
  • Access Time (HD Tune)
  • Burst Rate (HD Tune)
  • CPU Usage (HD Tune)
  • Real World File Transfer (Windows Explorer)
  • Drive Inex (Sandra)
  • Random Access Time (Sandra)


Well, enough waiting, let's get started with the testing and see how all of these drives compare. I will start off by running HD Tune on all of the drives.




The next group of tests that I am going to be performing on these drives are a real world transfer of three different files. They are all different sizes (10MB. 100MB, and 500MB). I will calculate how long it takes these files to transfer from one location to the other final destination.  



The final tests performed is the Sandra Physical Disks test. This test is going to give you a representation of your hard drive's Drive Index as well as the Random Access Time.



As I expected, when comparing the hard drive using the internal SATA connections only and the hard drive using the dongle inside of the Easy SATA, they were able to perform just about the same, losing just a little bit of performance in a few of the tests, but these being marginal.

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  2. Features
  3. Testing
  4. Conclusion
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