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Antec 900 Advanced Gaming Case

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Closer Look: Working Components

The Antec 900 comes with a small box of modest accessories. There is a 5.25" to 3.5" drive bay adapter, as well as one designed specifically for a floppy drive or card reader. It includes a retention bracket to help secure your new full-size video cards and a few bags of assorted screws and motherboard standoffs. The manual comes in various languages and could definitely be more detailed.




The windowed side panel is secured with some small thumbscrews and is removed easily. Upon opening the case you will find that all of the included fans utilize 4-pin molex connectors and have a separate cable used to change the fan speeds from low, medium, or high. The Firewire, USB, audio, power and reset button cables extend from the top and are surely long enough to reach their corresponding headers on most of today's motherboards.



Once again we see the huge 200mm exhaust fan dominating the upper landscape of the case. This fan is also equipped to run at three different speeds. I attempted to find out what was under the hood of that fan, but, alas, it is attached with rivets and I could not remove it to get a better look. A better look at one of the fan speed controllers, shows that they are simple three way switchs on a small, stiff cable. The cable exits the fan next to the 4-pin molex connector.



I was able to get the front bezel off showing the nine modular 5.25" drive bays. Using the 5.25" floppy adapter and removing the drive bay covers to install more devices is simple.


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  2. Closer Look: Case
  3. Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Installation
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