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AMD TWKR Edition CPU Preview

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To get the most performance out of the Phenom II Tweaker Edition, I will derive slightly from our standard test setup. First of all, I will use the high-end MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard, which has not been reviewed here on OverclockersClub, however its GX counterpart has. The other main difference is the memory. We all know that fast memory with tight timings is what will give you the best results. The Mushkin HP3-12800 modules we normally use can run as fast as 1800MHz, however the timings required to do so are not what I would call tight at all, as Frank showed in his review here. Instead, I will use the Walton Chaintech Apogee GT modules since they can run at that same speed with much tighter timings. Finally, I decided I would use Windows 7 over Vista.

Last, but not least, I will go extreme cooling since this is what the TWKR Edition needs to truly show its power. 12 kilograms of dry ice permitted me a little over 7 hours of benchmarking.

Testing Setup:

  • Processor(s): AMD Phenom II X4 TWKR Edition
  • Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70
  • Memory: Apogee GT 2x2GB DDR3 1800MHz 8-8-8-24
  • Video Card : NVIDIA GTX 260
  • Power Supply: Mushkin 800w Modular Power Supply
  • Hard Drive: 1 x Seagate 7200.11 750GB SATA w/32MB Cache
  • Optical Drive: Lite-On 8x DVD+/-RW
  • OS: Windows 7 Release Candidate
  • CPU Cooling: Dry ice



Since I used dry ice to overclock that little jewel, I did not aim as much for a rock solid stable overclock as we normally do in reviews. When overclockers are benchmarking, it is to get the best possible score, most of the time running at settings we call "benchmark stable," meaning it is stable enough to pass the benchmark without any issue, but nowhere near the stability required for 24/7 use. Therefore, I ran each benchmark at the best possible overclock it would tolerate. I will show my overclock for each specific benchmark on the next couple of pages. In the meantime, here is a suicide screenshot:

Overclocked settings: Suicide screenshot

  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 TWKR Edition @ 5112MHz (200x25.5)

However I must admit I cheated a bit on that one. Only the first core was running at that speed, whereas the others were waiting a few MHz lower. The next overclock is the one that allowed me to pass the whole series of benchmarks, however for Super PI and 3DMark Vantage I could run it much higher. I will show these different settings later.

Overclocked settings: Benchmark stable

  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 TWKR Edition @ 4683MHz (223x21)


There is no point in running our standard benchmarking session; we all know that overclocks on extreme cooling are not meant for playing video games. These extreme cooling solutions and overclocks are temporary. Instead, I chose a few benchmarks widely used to measure the performance of a computer:

  1. 3DMark Vantage
  2. 3DMark 06
  3. SuperPI
  4. SiSoft Sandra


  1. Introduction: What is it?
  2. Testing Setup & Overclocking
  3. 3DMark Vantage & 3DMark 06
  4. SuperPI & SiSoft Sandra
  5. Conclusion
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