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AMD FX-8320E CPU & MSI 970 Mobo Review

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AMD FX-8320E CPU & MSI 970 Mobo Conclusion:

How to summarize the FX-8320E and MSI 970 Gaming? In short, they're a perfect pair. For a price lower than any of the Intel CPUs alone, you can get both a very good CPU for general use and gaming, as well as a damn fine motherboard to go with it... along with an extra $60 or more to put towards that next level of GPU power or more RAM. If gaming is your priority, the AMD FX-8320E delivers bang for the buck in spades and with no shortage of cores you can still be confident that it will be useful many years down the road. The lower TDP when running at stock speeds is clearly optimized to allow for higher gaming (lightly threaded, in general) performance, but at the same time deliver the performance that eight cores can crank out even when running at a lower clock speed.

Sure, there's not a whole lot new here aside from the lower TDP, but AMD is clearly making a run at a lower price point than Intel tends to target. You get for $140 essentially the same CPU as the top-end AMD offering, just with lower clocks and a 30 watt lower TDP, which limits the amount of heat your rig will be dumping into the room, as well as costing less on the power bill in the long run. If you choose to overclock the FX-8320E, the MSI 970 Gaming makes that both easy and quick - 4.7GHz really does make a difference in many workloads if you require more performance than the stock clocks will allow. Once pushed up to higher clocks, there's no real difference between the FX-8320E and the flagship FX-9590, aside from a few MHz at the top end.

While the FX-8320E isn't the fastest CPU you can buy, it certainly delivers an enjoyable experience, especially when paired with the extremely reasonably priced (and amazing looking) MSI 970 Gaming motherboard. If you're looking to build a new rig and you don't want to shell out a ton of your hard-earned cash, the FX-8320E is certainly worth a look!



  • Lower TDP = lower heat
  • Good single threaded performance (given the TDP)
  • Good overclocking results!
  • Good gaming performance
  • Cheap!



  • Multi-core performance suffers due to lower TDP
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