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AMD 5000+ Black Edition AM2 X2 Processor Review

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In the AMD world, the 5000+ Black Edition should be on your short list if you are looking for a quick overclocking fix, or upgrading from your aging 939 system and not ready to take the Phenom plunge, but secretly hoping it will magically pull performance out of its hat. With the 65W TDP of the CPU, the Black Edition would be right at home in an HTPC where it wouldn't break a sweat, and you would have the ability to crank it up a bit to get your game on. At stock speeds, the 512KB of L2 Cache on the 65nm Brisbane core seems to hamper the performance of the CPU when compared to its older brothers, the 6000+ & 6400+ on the 90nm Windsor core, but it has them both beat in power efficiency.

Overclocking the Black Edition was a blast. With some patience and time, you can have a ball finding the magical sweet spot of CPU/MEM/HTT speed and really zone in on it with the adjustable multipliers. While it's not the +1 GHz overclock that some Intel C2Ds are hitting, and still quite far from the 4GHz mark, a 600MHz overclock is nothing to sneeze at on current silicon from AMD. The performance scales quite well when ramping up the MHz and the price/performance ratio with the CPU being right around the $100 range in the US with some hunting is a pretty good deal. Hopefully, AMD will continue to offer the Black Edition processors well into the future.


  • Multipliers Unlocked
  • Power Efficiency
  • Decent Overclocker
  • Cool Temps
  • Affordable



  • Only 512KB L2 Cache per Core


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