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Sapphire Pure PC-AM2RX780 Review

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Closer Look:

Power User Overclock Settings:

Now that we have seen the general part of the BIOS we are going to see the overclocking options that are available on the Sapphire PC-AM2RX780 motherboard. This is where you have the ability to change the settings to push your components like the CPU and memory. The majority of what you have control over on the board in this section is the clock speeds for the CPU bus, PCI Express bus, and the Southbridge bus by keying in the speeds that you want in 1Mhz increments.








Underneath these speeds is the CPU Ratio which allows you to up the multiplier in half increments up to the limit of your CPU or more if you have a Black Box processor with an unlocked multiplier. You can also change the speed of your memory up to 1066MHz in predetermined increments of 400, 533, 667, 800, and 1066MHz.



In the last part of the Power User Overclock Settings is where you can change the voltages for your components. The options that you have to change are the CPU voltage up to 1.550v, The CPU VCore shift feature up to a 35% increase, the memory voltage up to 2.5v and the Northbridge voltage from 1.15v to 1.20v.




With the BIOS all set up we can now install the drivers to get this puppy running.

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