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AMD AM2 4200+ Vs. AMD 939 4200+ CPU's


Installation of a new Processor is considered somewhat of a hassle, as people are often afraid of the dreaded ‘oops’. When installing a new processor, it is useful to lay the computer (or in this case the motherboard) down on a non-static surface, as well as somewhere where static is not an issue, such as a tiled or hardwood floor. Installing the new CPU is simply lifting the lever on the ZIF socket, placing the processor into the socket, taking note of matching the keys (little triangle on the CPU, matched with the little triangle on the ZIF socket) and then closing the lever locking your new CPU in place.

After installing a new CPU, I like to take the extra step of wiping it down with either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. This can be viewed as an extra step, though I feel that it provides an extra bit of reassurance. Once the CPU was cleaned off, the next step is to apply your thermal paste. After that, plop the HSF down on top, make sure it's set and then lock it down with the supplied clips.

Now sit back and admire your handiwork. Take this time to make sure that the HSF is indeed secured properly, and then you should be ready to go. We still had to install the motherboard in the case.

Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core
Model 4200+
Ordering P/N (Tray) ADA4200IAA5CU
Ordering P/N (PIB) ADA4200CUBOX
Operating Mode 32/64
Stepping F2
Frequency 2200Mhz
HT Speed 2000
Voltage 1.30V/1.35V
Max Temp 55-70°C
Thermal Power 89W
L1 Cache 128KB x2
L2 Cache 512KB x2
CMOS Technology 90nm SOI
Socket Socket AM2

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