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AMD AM2 4200+ Vs. AMD 939 4200+ CPU's


Despite being a totally new socket, along with finally making the move up to DDR2 memory, it seems as if AMD has taken one step forward and two steps back. The AM2 does beat its predecessor in a handful of benchmarks, though not by enough to make a significant difference. While using this machine, it was noticeably a bit slower than the 939 machine. Though this is still a new architecture, there may be room for improvement on the motherboard side of things, as it seems odd that a supposed upgrade would actually lose to what it was upgraded from. We will have to wait and see whether or not, through motherboard revisions, these results will improve. Though at the time being, AM2 is not worth the upgrade. If you are looking for a new computer, or just a new processor, it is best to keep your sights on the 939 version of these processors, as for the same money you will get slightly better performance.


  • Low heat output
  • Faster memory (DDR2)
  • Still very powerful


  • Lower performance than socket 939

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