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AMD AM2 3500+ Vs. AMD 939 3500+



Installation of a new processor is viewed by most as risky business. Though if you are confident with what you are doing, it is as easy as washing dishes. In my case this was a new install, so the motherboard was out of the case. In most people’s case you will need to unsnap your old heatsink, unlatch your old CPU, and remove. With the ZIF socket still open, place the new processor into the socket. Take note that there is a small triangle on the corner of the CPU as well as a matching triangle on the ZIF socket; this is your key, as a processor will only go in one way. Make sure that your keys (triangles) are lined up, and the processor will drop into place. Lower the ZIF lever to lock your new brain into place.

After the processor is locked down, you will need to affix your cooling solution. I will be using the stock HSF that was packaged with the processor, as well as the stock thermal compound.

Remove the cover that protects the thermal material on the bottom of the heatsink, line up the heatsink (it will only latch in one direction), place the heatsink on the processor, and lock it in with the supplied clips.


  • Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64
  • Model: 3500+
  • Stepping: F2
  • Frequency: 2200Mhz
  • AMD64 Technology: Yes
  • Both 32- & 64-bit computing: Yes
  • L1 Cache (Instruction + Data): 128KB (64KB + 64KB)
  • L2 Cache: 512KB
  • HyperTransport™ Technology: Yes, one 16x16 link @ up to 2000 MHz bidirectional
  • HyperTransport I/O Bandwidth: Up to 8 GB/s
    • Integrated DDR Memory Controller: Yes
    • Memory Controller Width: 128-bit
    • Type of Memory Supported: PC2 5300(DDR2-667), PC2 4200(DDR2-533), and PC2 3200(DDR2-400) unbuffered memory (socket AM2)
    • Memory Bandwidth: Up to 10.6 GB/s (socket AM2)
    • Total Processor-to-system Bandwidth (HyperTransport plus memory bandwidth): Up to 18.6 GB/s
    • Process Technology: 90 nanometer, SOI (silicon-on-insulator) technology
    • Packaging: 940 pin organic micro PGA (socket AM2)
    • Thermal Design Power: 62W

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