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AMD AM2 3500+ Vs. AMD 939 3500+



Throughout this array of testing it seems as if the AM2 is merely one step behind its 939 counterpart. In the end, along with testing of newer games, I believe that the use of DDR2 memory is finally starting to pay off with the AM2 having a few clear wins. Whether or not this can be attributed to newer game engines or not, it will be interesting if we see future games pulling ahead on an AM2 platform as developers may be able to take use of that faster memory interface. Though the AM2 does win in a few areas, I still feel that if you are looking for a new machine, it would not be worthwhile to “upgrade” to an AM2 platform, especially from a socket 939 machine. Though it would be worthwhile to keep an eye on the evolving tech, because once the motherboards as well as the AM2 CPUs themselves mature, we may indeed see them taking the lead against the 939s.


  • Uses DDR2 memory
  • Slightly better performance in newer games
  • Better thermal design


  • Not much of an upgrade from 939

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