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Altec Lansing inMotion iMV712 Review

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In order to test this product, I ran it through a number of rigorous tests. Each test was chosen to specifically target certain features, and to determine if the device was capable of performing on par with its competition. The first test completed was the Music Playback test. I chose one of my favorite albums (Blue Scholars- Blue Scholars, AAC), of which I have listened to on many different stereos, and ran through the entire album at various levels from low to max. The second test is a two part test for this device. I first watched an entire movie (Ghostrider, MPEG4) on the bulit-in LCD, and on my television using the iMV712’s pass-through. I also decided to test the built-in LCD by hooking up my PS2 through the composite inputs in the back of the iMV712 and played Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec for a couple of tracks. I was fortunate to receive two iPod docking stations at the same time, so for my testing I will be comparing the Altec Lansing iMV712 to the Logitech Pure-Fi Elite. The last two graphs are based on my opinion of form and function, and given a rating for comparison.


Testing Setup:

  • Altec Lansing iMV712
  • Logitech Pure-Fi Elite
  • iPod Video(60GB)
  • JVC 30" Digital DirectView
  • PS2 w/ GT 3 A-Spec
  • S-Video cable


The first test proved not so favorable for the iMV712. While playing through the album, I immediately noticed the warm, rich sound the Altec was capable of producing. The dynamic-range was fantastic and the built-in subwoofer helped add dimension without detracting from the rest of the field. However, when turning the volume up past half, the sound instantly became distorted and unclear. The Logitech Pure-Fi Elite gained the upper-hand in this test for its ability to maintain the sound integrity throughout the volume range. The iMv712 gained ground on the Elite in the second test. The video playback test compared the video pass-through for both devices, with the iMV712 coming out on top for its impressive picture when played through S-Video. The Altec’s built-in LCD also displayed a magnificent picture from both the iPod and PS2. Even though it is not possible to adjust the properties of the LCD, the picture was well lit and extremely sharp and clear. I was surprised to see how well the LCD rendered the tracks and cars during motion throughout the entire track. The SFX (Sound Field Xpander) really helped broaden the soundstage for both music and video playback which helped bump up the scores in both tests.



When judging the styling of the components, I took into account a couple of things, the size and use of design. The Logitech’s design allowed the iPod to sit down inside of the docking station, keeping the iPod out of danger. That feature ultimately gave the Pure-Fi the win in this category. But the iMV712 still has an elegant, smooth shape. The large widescreen LCD in the front is complementary to the large sweeping speakers that wrap around the sides. The Altec isn’t bulky or boxy, it slopes softly towards the back and curves around the bottom. The universal cradle is excellent for those who own a Microsoft Zune or other Mp3 devices, allowing them to be placed in the exact same location as the iPod. The iMV712 regains the lead in the ease of use test. The big reason it got such high marks was due to the fact that the remote has the ability to navigate through the iPod’s menu. This feature is huge when trying to switch albums or videos, and makes the overall experience easy. The remote is simple, and contains all buttons needed for operation, including the bass and treble buttons, as well as the SFX button. But the Altec lacks the ability to adjust the LCD properties and doesn’t have any on-screen menu, which kept the Altec from receiving 100 points in this category.



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