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Altec Lansing inMotion iMV712 Review

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Installation depends on what you are going to connect. I plan on using the video pass-through for movies and connect my Playstation 2 to use on the Altec’s built-in LCD. Pictured is the back of iMV712, I have connected an S-Video cable for video pass-through and my composite PS2 connector for games, and the last cable is the power cord/ac adapter. If using an iPod, install the necessary dock adapter provided in the kit. Finally, connect the other ends of the cables to their respective components and you’re ready to go.





To begin, just set your iPod onto the dock and use the remote to navigate the menu. Using the iMV712 is as simple as using your iPod.  All your music, movies and photos are ready to entertain you. During music playback, the built-in LCD displays Altec’s company logo as a screensaver. The backlight of your iPod is not set by the iMV712 upon docking, to keep it lit change it to always on in the Settings menu. Pictured is the album art of the Blue Scholars self-titled LP during playback.



To play videos, it is necessary to make sure that your iPod is set video out to ON in the Video Settings menu. If this option is not selected the iPod will not transmit the video signal to the built-in LCD. Once properly configured, you will see that the Altec is capable of vibrant playback through its LCD. Aside from its ability to project the videos onto its own built-in LCD, the iMV712 can pass video through S-Video to a television. See in the bottom picture is a scene from Ghost Rider; the Altec delivers a smooth clear picture. Unfortunately, you can’t disable the LCD while playing on the television.



I thought it would be interesting to see how well theiMV712 could display my favorite Playstation 2 game, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec on its built-in LCD. I was instantly impressed with the resolution and clarity the screen possessed. This game would be impossible to play with two players on a split-screen, but for single player games this screen is perfect.



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