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Reviewed on: October 23, 2002

The first time I saw the AudiXP case, it reminded me of the PlatinumXP Case that I reviewed back in May of this year. The AudiXP case is manufactured by Ahanix, the same company that makes the PlatinumXP Case. Ahanix is a company that is all about making stylish cases at a reasonable price, and the AudiXP case is no exception. The AudiXP case is their first case that is pre-modded with a color window in the side of the case. This case also comes loaded with front USB ports for your joystick and camera and also a firewire port for your video camera or external hard drive. Does the AudiXP case have anymore features, other than the window, that the PlatinumXP Case has? Lets find out!



Front fans

1 x 80mm

Rear fans

1 x 80mm (included)

External 5.25-inch bays


External 3.5-inch bays


Internal 3.5-inch bays


Rear expansion slots








Closer look

I'll start from the top and work my way down to the bottom of the case. At the top we have three 5-1/2" bays good for a CDROM, CDRW, or those big 5 1/2" hard drives (Like my Quantum Bigfoot 12GB). These drive bays are very stealth, and look really cool! The only problem I see with these stealth drives is that they are not attachable to the front of your CDROM, DVDROM, or CDRW. The PlatinumXP Case had that feature, and it made my CDRW hidden/stealth. When I install my CDRW in this case, it's going to stick out like a sore thumb, as you will see later on in the review.

The AudiXP, comes with one floppy bay that is "molded" in the case, and also another one below it which looks similar to the floppy bays found on most everyday computer cases. There is also two "hidden" 3-1/2" drive bays on the inside of the case. These bays would be good for holding your hard drive(s).

Under the 3 1/2" bays is two lights, one red and one blue. The blue light is the power light and the red one is the light that shows hard drive activity. Both of these two lights, are fairly bright and shouldn't need any modding :)

Below the lights, we have the power button (in the middle) and the reset button (at the bottom). The design of this is very similar to other Ahanix cases, sleek and sexy


Last but certainty not least, the USB and Firewire ports. Behind the push button door, you will find two USB ports and also one firewire port. USB & Firewire ports in the front of cases, are getting to be a very common feature. Some users may even call it a necessity. I can't call it that yet, as I do not use many USB or Firewire devices, but I'm starting to use it a lot more now than I did a year ago.

This case comes pre-modded with a colored window! The window is green, not my up most favorite color, but it still looks very cool! The corners, where the case was cut for the window, has a very smooth and clean edge. The window itself is actually held in by several metal tabs on the other side of the panel. I really love this window a lot better than the windows with black molding around them. This type of window looks much more professional, in my opinion. With a window already installed, you can skip the hard part of modding a case and jump right in to installing blow holes, CPU ducts, CD-ROM windows, and other mods.

In the very back of the case I found four thumbscrews, two for each side panel. With thumbscrews, it makes the case panels tooless, because it doesn't require any tools to open the case. From this picture you can clearly see that this case doesn't have a slide-out motherboard tray, which was a big turn off for me. If your a computer user that constantly changes CPU's or heatsinks it will be almost impossible to install or uninstall heatsink, without removing the motherboard from the case. The reason being, is because the power supply bay is right up against where the heatsink will be. You would not have enough room to get a screw driver down in there to pop the clip on and off.

This case did not come with a power supply, which is starting to be very common. However, it does give the buyer of the case an option on which power supply he or she wants to buy for the case. Another reason why most cases do not come with a power supply is because of the weight. Online stores can keep shipping cost down for you and for them, if the case weighs a little less. Therefore, I'm not going to complain about it not having a power supply :)

Below the power supply bay, there is a 80mm case fan which blows air "out" of the case. This should provide some good airflow within the case, provided that there is a case fan in the front of the case blowing air "in".

With the side panel off the case, we can clearly see the guts of this case. There are two sets of wires coming from the front of the case. One set of wires is your power light, hdd light, power switch, reset switch, and speaker. The other set of wires connects from the front USB & Firewire ports up to your motherboard. You will need to look in your motherboard manual to see if your motherboard has support for USB & Firewire connections. Coser Look

Here is a close-up on the four 3-1/2" bays. The bottom two are the "hidden" bays I was referring to. This is a good place to install your hard drives.

This 3-1/2" drive bay is removable, however it has regular screws and not thumbscrews. This makes it a little harder to take the drive bay, since you will have to use a screw driver. At least the drive bay "is" removable. :\

At the bottom in front of the case there is a place to mount a 80mm case fan, however the case fan is missing in action! I really have no idea why they did not include a case fan, but this is a big problem I have with this case. Since there is no front case fan blowing air "in" the case, it will have an impact on the cooling of your case inside. I really hope after the manufacture reads this review they seriously think about adding a front case fan. Then again, there aren't any small holes in the front of the case for air to pass thru, so I'm not sure if a front case fan will even make much difference.

One thing I saw right off the bat when I looked inside of this case, were the PCI slot covers. These slot covers are not replaceable. Meaning, once you pop them out you can't put them back in. Now, I know this isn't a very big deal, but it's a feature I look for in a case now. Maybe I have just been spoiled by my Lian Li computer cases.

When I was installing the motherboard in this case, I came across a problem. The hole at the top and far left on my motherboard, had no place to install standoff screw so I could put a screw thru. I will just have to be careful when I install memory and plug in IDE cables, to keep from bending or even breaking the board. All of the other holes lined up perfectly, and I didn't have any other installation problems.

While this case may not have a slide-out motherboard tray, the motherboard tray is indeed removable! When I opened the other side panel I noticed the motherboard tray was "hinged" and had two screws holding it together. I knew then, that the motherboard tray was removable. Here is how it is removed:


This is what I meant when I said a CDRW would stick out like a sore thumb :) It's like painting a case, and not painting your CDRW drive covers. The only thing you can do to fix this, would be to paint your CDRW drive cover to a color that matches that of the case.


This is a nice pre-modded case, but with a few flaws. First off, there is not a front case fan. Again, I'm not sure what they were thinking :) For those of you that what to be really picky, the PCI slot covers are not re-usable. Not a major problem, because we find PCI slot covers like these on a lot of cases. I really can't forget about the problem with the motherboard and there not being a place to put that screw in at. Maybe I have an odd size motherboard? I really don't think so. The 5 1/2" drive covers are really sleek and cool, but are not stealth like the ones found on the Platinum XP case.

This case does have its pluses such as, front USB & Firewire ports, colored window, tool less case entry, sleek looking drive covers, and a blue LED power light :) If your not looking for a pre-modded case with a window, I'd really recommend the Platinum XP case over this case, which is also available from FancyCase.com. If your really wanting a window, and don't mind not having a front case fan and can live with a CDRW sticking out like a sour thumb, go for the AudiXP case! Let me add, that you can also buy a side panel with a window separately for the Platinum XP case.

I'd like to thank FancyCase.com for providing us this case to review!