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Ahanix AudiXP Case Review


Coser Look

Here is a close-up on the four 3-1/2" bays. The bottom two are the "hidden" bays I was referring to. This is a good place to install your hard drives.

This 3-1/2" drive bay is removable, however it has regular screws and not thumbscrews. This makes it a little harder to take the drive bay, since you will have to use a screw driver. At least the drive bay "is" removable. :\

At the bottom in front of the case there is a place to mount a 80mm case fan, however the case fan is missing in action! I really have no idea why they did not include a case fan, but this is a big problem I have with this case. Since there is no front case fan blowing air "in" the case, it will have an impact on the cooling of your case inside. I really hope after the manufacture reads this review they seriously think about adding a front case fan. Then again, there aren't any small holes in the front of the case for air to pass thru, so I'm not sure if a front case fan will even make much difference.

One thing I saw right off the bat when I looked inside of this case, were the PCI slot covers. These slot covers are not replaceable. Meaning, once you pop them out you can't put them back in. Now, I know this isn't a very big deal, but it's a feature I look for in a case now. Maybe I have just been spoiled by my Lian Li computer cases.

When I was installing the motherboard in this case, I came across a problem. The hole at the top and far left on my motherboard, had no place to install standoff screw so I could put a screw thru. I will just have to be careful when I install memory and plug in IDE cables, to keep from bending or even breaking the board. All of the other holes lined up perfectly, and I didn't have any other installation problems.

While this case may not have a slide-out motherboard tray, the motherboard tray is indeed removable! When I opened the other side panel I noticed the motherboard tray was "hinged" and had two screws holding it together. I knew then, that the motherboard tray was removable. Here is how it is removed:


This is what I meant when I said a CDRW would stick out like a sore thumb :) It's like painting a case, and not painting your CDRW drive covers. The only thing you can do to fix this, would be to paint your CDRW drive cover to a color that matches that of the case.


This is a nice pre-modded case, but with a few flaws. First off, there is not a front case fan. Again, I'm not sure what they were thinking :) For those of you that what to be really picky, the PCI slot covers are not re-usable. Not a major problem, because we find PCI slot covers like these on a lot of cases. I really can't forget about the problem with the motherboard and there not being a place to put that screw in at. Maybe I have an odd size motherboard? I really don't think so. The 5 1/2" drive covers are really sleek and cool, but are not stealth like the ones found on the Platinum XP case.

This case does have its pluses such as, front USB & Firewire ports, colored window, tool less case entry, sleek looking drive covers, and a blue LED power light :) If your not looking for a pre-modded case with a window, I'd really recommend the Platinum XP case over this case, which is also available from FancyCase.com. If your really wanting a window, and don't mind not having a front case fan and can live with a CDRW sticking out like a sour thumb, go for the AudiXP case! Let me add, that you can also buy a side panel with a window separately for the Platinum XP case.

I'd like to thank FancyCase.com for providing us this case to review!

  • Very sleep design
  • Too less case entry
  • Pre-modded with green window
  • Front USB & Firewire ports

  • PCI covers not re-usable
  • No front case fan
  • 5 1/2" drive covers non-stealth

  1. Introduction & Specfications
  2. Closer Look Contenued & Conclusion
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