AGP AirLift

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Reviewed on: June 16, 2001
Today I'm going to review a brand new product from The AGP AirLift is a simple but yet efficient video card cooling product. At first looks of this product


Now, if you have a narrow video card like the GeForce MX based video cards you will need to slightly modify the AGP AirLift to get it to work. All you have to do is remove the two rubber feet on the leading edge of the AirLift and reattach them approximately 1 inch back toward the other two rubber feet.
Pictures speak louder than words:


You might be asking does this thing actually work? Well I played about an hour of Quake3 before I installed the AGP Airlift and wrote down the temps. I also played about an hour of Quake3 after installing the AGP Airlift and wrote temps down. The temps are listed below:

This simple but efficient cooler was very easy to install requiring no screws or clips. Dropped video temps by 2�c and dropped the cpu temp by 1�C because the air of the AGP AirLift flows over the cpu's fan/heatsink. Pick one of these AGP AirLift coolers up today from and tell them we sent ya!