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AeroCool X-Factor CPU Cooler (HSF) Review



All benchmarks were performed using Quicksilver thermal compound, rather than the supplied Stars compound. From a cold boot, I waited 20 to 30 minutes before using any function on my rig, in order to establish idle temperature. I loaded FreeCell and played....gotcha. Really, I fired up SuperPi to 32 million digits and ran that in the background while I looped 3D Mark SE 3 times. Recorded temperature. Put in eyedrops required after watching 3DMSE stutter that badly. Then it was onto Prime95 for 20 minutes, record temperature, and 15 minutes of looped Quake 3 timedemo at low quality settings for the final recorded temperature. All tests were run 3 times minimum from cold boot, and the results averaged. Ambient temperature was at all times 20 C and hardware temperatures were taken from Motherboad Monitor 5 or from the bios. Asus motherboards allegedly report temperatures higher than actual - I have not verified the temperatures using other monitoring hardware. All temperatures are measured using the same method, the results are reported accordingly.

The comparison is between the X-Factor, the AB7080H, an OCZ Gladiator with a 60mm 6800 RPM (7300 actual) Delta fan and the same OCZ with a 60mm 5500 RPM Sunon fan.

I will also note that I left my computer on overnight. It is located in my home office, and the window is always left open for ventilation. When I got up the following morning, the room was 17C and MBM5 showed the core temp to be 41C. It's obviously not statistically valid to be included in the graph above but I have never seen my processor at under 43C before, even under similar (long idle, cooler room) conditions.


I like it. Performance equal to or very slightly better than my howling OCZ/Delta combination, at much quieter sound levels. The X-Factor is more expensive than its cousin the AB7080H but I would not hesitate to spend an extra $10.00 Cdn to get this level of performance. The difference in both idle and load temperatures is only a couple of degrees but combined with a slightly quieter fan, the value is there. I would even conjecture that if I would have lapped the X-Factor, I might have gotten a better "seal" and maybe eeked out another degree or so of cooling. At $44.95, in the middle of the price range for air cooling, it may not be for the extreme overclocker but I would recommend it for everyday use and moderate overclocking. Now, where'd that pesky bosco go?

  • Easy installation
  • Good looking
  • Better than average performance
  • Cons

  • Could stand to be lapped

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