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AeroCool AB7080H CPU Cooler (HSF) Review



I spent several hours swapping back and forth between various configurations of fans and heatsinks, trying to find the sweet spot. On a fresh boot, I would let the system sit idle for 15-20 minutes to establish a baseline or idle temperature. Ambient temperature was at all times 20C (68F), my case temperature was reading 26-27C. All temperatures (including processor temps below) were taken from Motherboard Monitor5, as read off my Asus A7M266. I will say that Asus boards are reputed to report temperatures as much as 10C higher than actual, unfortunately I do not have the equipment to measure against the Asus. In my situation, this could be true given the difference between ambient and reported case temperature, taking into account the amount of fresh air being pumped into the case. The important thing is that all measurements are made the same way, from the same hardware and so are relative.

After establishing baseline, I ran SuperPi to 32 million digits in the background while doing 3 loops of 3DMark SE. Recorded temperature. Wanna see low framerates, try that. I then ran Prime95 for 20 minutes, recorded temperature. Lastly, 15 minutes of looped Quake3 timedemo. Recorded temperature. All tests were run a minimum of 3 times from a cold boot.

The envelope please...


Well, given that the AeroCool is a generation newer than my existing HSF, I was a little disappointed. The OCZ with the Delta fan delivers better performance than the AeroCool, I had hoped to get at least equivalent if not slightly better results. Having said that, it is a moderate budget bracket cooler that delivers cooling at a level I can live with and maybe now my kids can get some sleep while I hunt down bosco on the MOH server. I would recommend the AeroCool AB7080H to anyone looking for decent cooling combined with moderate noise levels, but not to anyone looking for substantial overclocks.

  • All copper construction
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Decent noise to performance ratio
  • Cons

  • Large amount of torque required to install
  • Single clip mounting
  • No installation instructions

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