Aerocool Skive Fin Series CPU Cooler AS-6032cu Review

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Reviewed on: July 30, 2002


Today we will be taking a look at the AS-6032cu Skive Fin Series CPU Cooler from Aerocool. This is the latest edition to there Skive Fin Series of CPU Coolers. This CPU cooler has an all copper heatsink which is very impressive. The base is polished to a mirror like finish and the fins are polished on one side and textured on the other. Let's take a closer look at this CPU cooler.

Closer Look

The installation of this CPU cooler is very easy. Start off by applying a paper thin coat of thermal material to you CPU. Place the cooler on top of the CPU. Next, put one side of the clip over the tab on the CPU socket. Using a small flat head screw driver, gently bend the other side of the clip over its tab on the CPU socket. Last but not least, plug the fan in. The fan has a three pin connector for use with your motherboard power or a three pin to four pin adapter.


One thing i did notice upon closer inspection of the fan. Was that the label on the fan says it's rated at .20A. Though the specifications for the CPU cooler list the fan at .15A. The more the better, I guess!


  • Gross Weight - 410g
  • Heat Sink Dimensions - 60(L)x60(W)x32(H) mm
  • Heat Sink Material - Copper
  • Fan Dimensions - 60(L)x60(W)x25(H) mm
  • Fan Bearing - Magnetic Vapo bearing system
  • Fan MTBF - 80,000 hr
  • Power Connector - Molex 3-Pin
  • Fan RPM - 4500 ±10 % RPM
  • Air Flow - 23.5 CFM
  • Noise - 33.5 dB/A
  • Rated Current - 0.15A
  • Testing

    Test Rig

  • ECS - K7VTA3 V2.0 (KT266A)
  • 1.2Ghz Athon @ 1419Mhz
  • Mushkin - 640MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM @ 2-2-2
  • Windows XP

  • For testing I used my 1.2Ghz Athon @ 1419Mhz with its [email protected] the [email protected] and the [email protected] The No Load tests were run with just the operating system running. For the Full Load tests I ran 2 clients of [email protected] and 3dmark2001SE on an endless loop at max settings. Temps were checked after 15min. of running and the systems were allowed to cool between each run. Here's what I found:


    Well, from the looks of it I was expecting this cooler to perform better then it did. After running my computer at full load. I checked the CPU Temp. and it was at 50c. Thinking maybe I did not't do a great job with the thermal compound. I removed the heatsink and tried again, Same thing 49-50c under full load. The Vantec CCK-6035D in this system keeps the CPU at around 40-42c under full load. This cooler would be ok if you were NOT going to overclock your system or maybe a stronger fan would help.