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Acer AL2671W LCD TV Review



The stand comes pre-attached, so simply clear a large space on your desk and set the screen down. Let me stress this: clear a LARGE area. While the screen and stand are relatively slim while standing up, you will find it almost impossible to hook up your VGA and DVI cables while the TV is standing upright. I first tried by setting the screen face down with the bottom of the screen at the front edge of my desk, and turning the stand as far as it would go. Unless you have tiny hands and extremely nimble fingers, this will still be difficult. I found it much easier to just remove the stand from the TV first. This is done by setting the TV screen-down and taking out four screws on the back. You then have wide open access to the area where the VGA and DVI cables plug in. If you are hooking up S-Video, Component, or Composite cables, all you have to do is access the back panel. The power cord plugs in on the bottom edge, similar to the VGA/DVI, but as it simply plugs in and doesn’t have to be screwed in securely, it was a little easier to plug in.

As this screen is designed as a TV and not a computer monitor, there are no drivers available for it. This would become an issue later.

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  2. Installation
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