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Acer P243W 24 inch Widescreen Review

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Tune Up Program:

  • Geometry and Distortion
  • Geometry and Distortion deals with size, position, and aspect ratios. Everything was correct for me, so I didn't need to change anything.












  • Sharpness and Resolution
  • This series of tests includes single pixel details, fine image details, font tests, bandwidth, moire interference, artifact from pixel densities, horizontal and vertical intensity.

    The font tests, horizontal and vertical intensities were all clear, distinguishable, and crisp. The moiré was wavy at times, but this is not a bad thing since it occurs on all LCD screens. The Acer and the BenQ monitors had roughly the same amount of waves, but if I had to guess which had fewer, I would pick the Acer display.


  • Screen Pixel Resolution
  • This test was rough on my eyes so I couldn't watch too much of it. The test consisted of progressions of patterns, and multiple variations of patterns. Basically, I was looking for any mistakes, jaggedness, and not being able to distinguish certain shaped lines and objects. I did notice that in both monitors, there was some jaggedness in the vertical lines but I could not see any in the horizontal lines.



  • Color and Grayscale
  • All of the colors looked very glossy, vibrant, and crisp in this test; I didn't see very many artifacts or errors in the changing colors on either monitor. There were, however, some color misregistrations, but the Acer seemed to have slightly fewer of these problems than the BenQ.




  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Monitor)
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Testing (Setup Display)
  7. Testing (Tune Up Program)
  8. Testing (LCD Test Script & Subjective Viewing)
  9. Conclusion
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