Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 & Turbo Module Review

Makaveli - 2007-09-21 11:50:57 in VGA Cooling
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Reviewed on: September 26, 2007
Arctic Cooling
Arctic Cooling
Price: Accelero S1: $25.95 Turbo Module: $9.95


Games these days are more demanding on a video card than ever before. So demanding that it isn’t uncommon for a game to crash because the video card is too hot. A common solution to this problem is to open up the case and set a fan point-blank on the video card and turn the fan on its highest setting. What if there was a more practical, inexpensive, and quieter solution to this issue? Let’s look at the new Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 to see if this is the solution to the common problem of video card overheating. We'll also be taking a look at the Arctic Cooling Turbo Module to see if the product gives the user an advantage while pairing it with the Accelero S1. These products are sold separately, but are designed to be paired with one another.

"ARCTIC COOLING is a leader in creating thermal cooling solution for personal computer systems that enable CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and PC-case cooling while reducing the noise level. Increased heat generated by modern computer systems has overwhelmed most existing CPU cooler manufacturers in their efforts to keep pace with the demands in terms of cooling."


Closer Look:

The package that holds the Accelero S1 is quite revealing since you can see nearly the whole product front and back. When you flip the package over, you’ll see just where the GPU is going to make contact with the Accelero S1.



The Turbo Module is packaged nearly the same as the Accelero – revealing the product openly. You really get the idea, just by looking at the packaging, that this product is made for the Accelero.



Let’s open up both of these products and take a closer look at each of them.

Closer Look:

The Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 has thirty-two aluminum heat fins perpendicular to four copper heat pipes. You might notice that this VGA cooler seems much bigger than a normal-sized video card. That’s because Arctic Cooling designed it to be that way so that the fins could transfer the heat far away from the GPU. The Accelero S1 has black plastic advertising the product on either side, which is irremovable. The underside of the cooler is where you’ll find the point at which the heat pipes meet. Arctic Cooling has already put a strip of thermal paste on the cooler, which is great because Arctic Cooling produces some of the best thermal paste on the market.



Included with the Accelero S1 are the installation instructions, male and female mounting clips, eight RAM heat sinks, two voltage regulator heat spreaders, and a PCI slot vent. The PCI slot vent goes in the slot below the video card so that the heat from the fins is escorted out of the case.


The Arctic Cooling Turbo Module consists of two 80mm, 1500 RPM fans that are connected as one unit. Included with the fans is a 3-pin fan to 4-pin Molex converter, installation instructions, and the famous Arctic Cooling sticker.



Now let's install both of these products and see how well they affect the video card's temperature!


We’ll be working with an nVidia GeForce 7950GT KO on which to install the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 and Arctic Cooling Turbo Module. The first thing that you’ll need to do is to carefully examine how to take off the heatsink of the video card. For the 7950GT, you’ll just have to unplug the fan on the front of the video card, then unscrew four screws on the back of the card and finally, gently pull off the heatsink.



Once the heatsink is off of the video card, you’ll need to clean the GPU and RAM. I used 70% rubbing alcohol to remove the thermal paste on the GPU and to clean off some of the glue on the RAM.



Now that everything is clean, it’s time to put the RAM heatsinks on. Remove the strip of protective material on the bottom of the heatsinks to reveal the glue. Carefully place the heatsinks on the RAM and firmly push them down.


Place the Accelero S1 on a flat surface so that the thermal paste is facing up. Carefully line up the video card’s screw holes to the cooler’s threads and screw in two screws into the two bottom screw holes closest to you. Screw them in lightly so that the cooler is on the video card but not secure. Flip what you’re working with over so that the video card is on the table. Get the male clips from the bag of goodies and place one of them between each set of heat pipes. Once they are in place, push Accelero S1 toward the male clips and connect the female clips on the top of the cooler.




Now, the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 is completely installed on the video card. All you have to do now is insert your video card like you normally would into your motherboard, plug in the power cable to your video card, and turn on your computer.



Turbo Module:

To install the Arctic Cooling Turbo Module, all you need to do is line up the fans so that they are horizontally aligned and push them into the Accelero S1. Once they are in, take a small screw driver and push the cable that is in between them down into the fins of the Accelero.



Plug in the 3-pin female connector into the included converter and plug that into your power supply once the video card is correctly inserted into your motherboard. After everything is completely connected, power your system up and make sure both fans are spinning and that they aren’t caught on anything.


Everything is installed on the video card, so let’s test these two products!


Accelero S1:

Heat Sink: 140(L) x 215(W) x 32(H) mm
Heat pipe: 6mm x 4
Weight: 250g
Accessories: 2 Voltage Regulator Heat Spreaders
8 memory heat sinks
Warranty: 6 years


Turbo Module:

Fan: 80 x 80 x 15 mm (each)
Fan Speed: 1500 RPM
Air Flow: 42 CFM
Bearing: Sleeve Bearing
Plug: 3 pin plug (with power plug converter)
Weight: 35g (each)
Warranty: 6 years



Accelero S1:


Turbo Module:


In order to test both of these products, I will test the idle and load temperatures of the Accelero alone and then with the Turbo Module. All temperatures are in Celsius, and lower is better in all tests. To achieve the load for the video cards, I’ll be running the graphically intense 3DMark06 benchmark three times in a row. I did try overclocking the system and slightly overclocking the GPU, but there weren't any noteworthy results.

Testing Setup:


The results when both the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 and Arctic Cooling Turbo Module are paired up will be titled "Turbo Module".



Wow! These results are astonishing. A 28C drop from stock to the Accelero S1 paired with the Turbo Module under load? I'm simply blown away...


I always thought that the stock heatsink and fans on video cards weren’t bad at all. After testing the Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 and the Arctic Cooling Turbo Module, I can say that I will never again own a video card without these two aftermarket cooling products. The drop in temperature was simply amazing. In our tests, I saw a 21 degree Celsius drop in the idle temperatures from the stock to the Accelero S1 paired with the Turbo Module and a 28 degree Celsius drop in the load temperatures. Those results are simply unheard of. Both products were extremely easy to install and dead silent - even under full load. The Accelero S1 alone did a really good job, but when it’s teamed up with the Turbo Module, there is no stopping this deadly combination. Even though the Accelero S1 is a large heatsink, it is still possible to run SLi with two Accelero S1s installed on the video cards – you just need a longer SLi bridge. Remember, these products are sold separately but clearly go hand-in-hand. I would recommend both of these products to anyone who has had issues with video cards overheating or who want to prevent video card overheating.