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Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 Review

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Installing the heatsink did not pose any problems. Once it is placed in the mounting clips of your motherboard, just turn the lever to the left and the heatsink secures itself to the motherboard.
Note: If you are using a MSI or a motherboard that has retention module, you will have to cut the outer two mounting holes in order to make the heatsink sit correctly on the mounting clip. For further information, please contact Arctic Cooling.






Heat Sink
104 x 58 x 126.5mm
107 x 43.5 x 96mm
Overall Dimensions
107 x 96.5 x 126.5mm
Rated Fan Speed
900-2200 RPM(PWM)
Ceramic Bearing
Power Consumption
0.16 Amp
Air Flow
40 CFM / 68 m3/h
528 g
Noise Level
0.8 Sone
Thermal Resistance
Thermal Interface Material
Pre-applied MX-1 / MX-2 Paste
6 Years




  • AMD Socket AM2, 939, 754
  • Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64
  • Athlon 64 FX, Sempron
  • Opteron

Extremely Quiet:

  • The low speed 92 mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum.
    The patented fan holder is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 92 mm fans.
    Patent No 203 07 981 U1 (Germany)
    Patent No 10/834 232 (USA)
    New: The PWM chip in the motor allows an exact fan speed control via BIOS. (4 wire)

Powerful Cooling:

  • 6 Heat Pipes (three used double sided) are able to transfer heat up to 200 Watt. The heat exchanger is built of 42 fins and consists of a surface area of over 4700 cm2 and allows for resistance free energy transfer to air.

Integrated Cooling of Voltage Converters:

  • Air is drawn in from the side of the fan to cool the components around the CPU. Some air is blown out towards the voltage converters o­n the mainboard with the bent fins at the bottom.

Patented Vibration Absorption:

  • The four rubber connectors o­n the fan case act as a vibration damper to absorb the vibration of the running fan. This can reduce significant vibration between plastic fan case and heatsink.

Easy Installation:

  • The cooler is to install without any tools within seconds.

Long Lifetime / 6 Years Warranty:

Noise Level:

  • The noise level is measured in Sone (loudness) instead of dB (sound intensity). The loudness depends upon ears response curves and tells you exactly, how bothering a certain noise is.

Thermal Compound:

  • Shipped with the ARCTIC MX-1 thermal compound. This compound hardens during the first 200h while the performance improves steadily. With heating up the paste / heatsink the process can be shortened. The performance is even from the beginning good enough to cool your CPU reliable.

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  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Installation & Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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