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Abit KG7-RAID Motherboard Review



Once I got the motherboard installed, windows asked for my video drivers, and that was about it.. I then surfed on over to Abit.com to see if there was any new bios available, and there wasn't. Next I loaded up Motherboard Monitor to check out the temp of my CPU. My CPU was about 41°c idle. That was alot hotter than my CPU was running on my KT7A-RAID. However, T-bird's don't have a thermist built inside. Therefore you are getting the temperature readings for the little thermometer under the CPU on your motherboard (see picture).

However, I still believed my CPU was running hotter than before, so I figured I would use the old WPCRSET and WPCREDIT trick :) I'm not going to take credit for this, because this trick was first seen at sites like athlonoc.com and overclockers.com. Anyway, this bios tweak/hack I'm doing is only to be performed on AMD 761 chipsets. If you don't know if you have this chipset DON'T DO THIS. This tweak can bring your cpu idle temps down from 8°c to as much as 18°c.

Now, once you open these files they should popup a MS-DOS window and extract the files to whatever directory you have these two files in. Open up WPCREDIT and you should see something like this:

Next, move the blinking block (with your arrow keys or your mouse) until it says Offset 62 at the bottom. Now, click on the two digit number where it says HEX, and change it to B7.

Next, go to offset 5A and change the hex to 20. Lastly, go to offset 72 and change the hex to 04. Now, your CPU temps should start to fall, if down correctly. You would have to do this hack/tweak everytime you rebooted your computer if it wasn't for WPCRSET. You must first "install" WPCRSET by running the file: INSTDD.EXE. Once you have installed it, you must reboot your computer so that the virtual device driver will load. Once you have rebooted, run WPCRSET. Now, click on the Add button and a window should popup. Where it says Register type in 62 and where it says Data put in B7 and then click the OK button.

Now, you should see the entry in your Register Setting List. Now all you have to do is click the radio tab that says Start, at the top. This makes WPCRSET run everytime windows loads. That's it, your all done! Remember this only brings your idle temps down, and not your full load temps. It brought my idle CPU temps down to 27°c and my full load is about 42°c. I can play winamp, surf the web, run icq and irc and the CPU temps will stay around 29°c. However, once I load up [email protected] or Quake 3 it rises fast :)


Below is the test rig I used:

  • 1.4Ghz T-bird
  • KG7-RAID motherboard :)
  • 512MB PC-2100 CAS2 Kingston Memory
  • Win2k SP2

    Sisoft Sandra Tests
    -SiSoft Memory Benchmark

    -SiSoft CPU Benchmark

    -SiSoft CPU Multimedia Benchmark

    -Performance Test Benchmark

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