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Abit AN-M2HD High Definition Motherboard

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Out of the three motherboards we reviewed for this series, I feel that the Abit AN-M2HD High Definition Motherboard is the best value. Yes, the other two motherboards had their strengths, weaknesses, lack of features and different features, but all around, the AN-M2HD combines many of the things that an enthusiast or everyday Joe would be more than happy with.

The presence of onboard HDMI and having Abit supply a full size cable is a great plus. The AN-M2HD performed well against its competitors in many benchmarks within a margin of error, some all around and others beaten by both. Many of the scientific benchmarks were too close to call, and in the video benchmarks the AN-M2HD was beaten in most. But out of the three, it did lose less frames per second as resolutions increased, and being able to run Quake 4 while the other two could not speaks for itself. Even though Quake 4 is an older game, it still is a favorite of many, and when playing online you will need to have all the patches up to date in order to run it.

As an enthusiast, it was able to beat the 225 FSB wall and hopefully with different RAM and PSU, it will be able to go higher. I also liked the “Soft Menu” option, even though it is as I would consider it the “Light” version of regular beer, it still had more options than the other two boards.

It looks like I killed two birds with one stone here. I built that second PC and my girlfriend is happy since she has a fairly fast computer, and she also likes the fact that she now has an office HTPC (She's also really happy with the pink case I put it in). Mission accomplished!



  • Can be Overclocked
  • 4' HDMI to DVI-D Cable Included
  • HDMI Out
  • Extra USB/IEEE Bracket
  • On-Chip HDCP for BlueRay or HD/DVD



  • On-Board Video uses System Memory



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