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Abit IX38 Quad GT Review

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With known commodities there are expectations to be met. Did the Abit IX38 Quad Gt meet those expectations? Yes and no. Does it run a super high FSB? Not yet. Does it run super high memory clocks? Not yet. But will it eventually? Probably! After shooting through the whole slew of beta BIOSes finishing up at the latest 12 bo6, I have found the same results across the board. The drop dead limit of the board for me was between 400 and 410 front side bus on my Q6600. 400 FSB was benchmark stable all day long and provides a nice performance increase over the stock speeds of 266 x 9 or 2.4GHz. In today's world of ever increasing front side bus speeds, the expectation is that the next product will raise the bar even higher. What happens when the latest and greatest does not meet that expectation? Usually it is considered a failure by many. You can't always look at it that way. What if the arena it plays in is a little lower down the scale but it performs better in that realm? Is it then a failure? By all means no. In over 50% of the tests run by OverclockersClub the IX38 Quad GT came out even or better than the two comparison products. With the product lineup that was tested, the Abit offering performed admirably. When the Intel 975 chipset motherboards came out the lack of high FSB performance made many people make the same comparisons. The max FSB speeds were lower with the 975 verses the 965 chipset. The 975 was quicker due to the reduced latencies on the chipset. Hmm...max FSB or faster performance at a lower core clock speed? The choice is yours to make.

When overclocking the CPU, one of the things I keep track of is the CPU core voltage. On some of the boards I have used, the vcore droop has been as bad as .1 volts. That does not seem like a lot of juice but it can make a substantial difference in the potential overclock of your hardware. During testing, I observed the voltages and noticed a droop of only .03 volts. If a good, stable board is what you are looking for, then the Abit IX38 Quad GT "Speedster" fits the bill.



  • Stable Voltages
  • True Dual 16x PCI-E 2.0 Slots
  • External CMOS Clear
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Performance 



  • Hard Wall at 400 FSB (CPU); 500 FSB (Memory)
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