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Abit IN9 32X-Max Wi-Fi Motherboard



        Installing the motherboard in a case of your choice is next on the agenda. The first thing I usually do is to mount the CPU into the socket. Then I will mount my cooling solution. Even if you don't plan on overclocking, you will still need to have a heatsink for your cpu. But if you are considering this board for your next computer, you probably already have the biggest heatsink you can find ready to go. After mounting the heatsink, it is time to put the board in the case. Install the standoffs that came with your case to secure the motherboard in the chassis. Tighten down the mounting screws (9 in this case) evenly to prevent undue stress on the board. Install your graphics cards, sound card and any other devices. The IN9 32-MAX comes with a wireless LAN card to use in the pcie 1x slot so I mounted it as well. Next, I prefer to install the power connections and drive cabling. Last but certainly not least, I install the system memory. Index the modules so that the notch in the module and DIMM socket are aligned. Press down on each end until the retaining levers lock the modules into place and you should be ready to step up and attempt to tame this beast.

One of the issues I had with the installation was the location of the 8 pin 12v power connector and the 4 pin molex plug at the bottom of the board. If you have a large cooling solution for your CPU, you will have to install the 8 pin connector before mounting the motherboard in the chassis. The 4 pin at the bottom of the board makes it extremely difficult to get a second video card installed.

There was plenty of room on the board to get everything installed. The CPU heatsink I have is one of the largest on the market and this board leaves all the room you will need to fit your hands in to the DIMM slot area. As you can see there is ample room between the graphics cards on this board. This is huge compared to the last few boards i have had my hands on. No way shape or form was there going to be any thought of using a pci device card on those boards but this one is vastly different.

Here the beast lies just waiting to breathe a little fire! It's home is a little messy, but speed and performance don't always come in a pretty package.

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