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Abit IN9 32X-Max Wi-Fi Motherboard



        Well did I tame the beast within? I think i did. It was somewhat of a challenge to get the same overclocks I have had on several other socket 775 motherboards. Was it worth the effort? It sure was. The availability of options in the BIOS makes for a more satisfying experience if squeezing the most out of your hardware is what you prefer to do. The 32X PCIe lanes obviously help with the graphics throughput as evidenced by how close the single 1900XT kept the benchmarks when compared to a 2 gpu 2x8x lane setup.

The strengths of this board are the graphics and memory buses. With the same timings and clock speeds across the two platforms, the IN9 32X-MAX showed its colors.The maximum stable overclocks for this setup is 3.6ghz on the processor. This took a bit more voltage than I thought was necessary due to the voltage swings in the CPU voltage. At times it would show swings of up to .12v. I found that memory voltage needs to start much lower than you are used to. My memory is spec'd at 2.1 volts and runs great right up to 2.4v. But no matter what, it would not cooperate until i started dropping the voltage and have settled at 2.05v.

My max overclocks are comparable to other boards but stability is what i look for. So far the IN9 32X-MAX has delivered. Next up is how to convince the wife I need new video cards so i can really see what this beast can do on the graphics front. Would I get this board again? I certainly would.

The one thing that really got me was the issue of how immature the BIOS was. After a few weeks of working with this board most of my issues are taken care of by the official 1.1 BIOS. A few items such as setting USB keyboard and mouse support to the BIOS, would give you constant problems loading and installing windows.


  • Ease of overclocking memory
  • EZ-Cmos reset switch
  • Board layout
  • Graphics performance


  • Immature Bios
  • Heatpipe cooling for chipsets
  • Wildly fluctuating core voltage
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