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Foxconn A7DA-S 790GX Review

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Closer Look:

Fox Central Control Unit:

The Fox Central Control Unit is a menu option added by Foxconn that is designed to make your overclocking ventures the easiest and most foolproof that they can be. The Fox Central Control Unit is basically a BIOS within a BIOS with special menus that control all aspects of the system speeds. To make things easier I am going to break it down and explain to you each section and what is does.


Smart BIOS:

Foxconn has added the Smart BIOS menu to make booting the computer easier. With the Smart boot menu you have the option to select what to boot first when the computer starts up. The Smart Power LED is almost like the POST LED used on other boards. The color will change and flash depending on what problems if any the BIOS encounters upon the system starting up. If all is normal it remains a solid green. Here you also have quick access to the speeds of your hardware without having to search all over the place for them individually.







Fox Intelligent Stepping:

The Fox Intelligent Stepping section is where you can adjust the speeds of your hardware. This includes the memory speeds using predetermined levels up to 1066MHz, CPU clocks and multiplier, the HyperTransport link, and an Advanced Calibration that allows you to overclock and downclock all cores together or independently.




Voltage Options & CPU Configuration:

These sections allow you to manually assign the voltage for the CPU, memory, Northbridge and the HyperTransport. You also can enable or disable the energy saving features such as Cool'n'Quiet and C1E in the CPU configuration section.



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