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Foxconn A7DA-S 790GX Review

Category: Motherboards
Price: $124.99
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Keeping up with the recent explosion of new technology releases AMD has again brought out a new and interesting technology to test benchmarks which are made to increase performance and make our mouth water. Between AMD/ATI and NVIDIA there have been a flood of new motherboard chipsets that have stormed the market now more than ever before. Previously, we took a look at the 780G chipset from AMD, which gave us faster speeds and Hybrid Graphics support to boost performance and save power. Back then, I thought how could they top that? Well, once again AMD has taken it a step further with the release of the 790GX/SB750 chipset. So what exactly is the 790GX chipset? Basically, it is a refresh of the 780G chipset we saw earlier this year with a few new tricks up its sleeve.

The 790GX has the same features of the 780G with some upgrades and some new technology. The 790GX integrated GPU (HD 3300) has the same core architecture and stream processors as the 780G (HD 3200) as well as DX10 and Shader Model 4.0 support, however the clock speed has been increased from 500MHz to 700MHz. What's that, you say? A core speed increase is nothing to get all giddy about? Well that is not the true secret. The true performance increase lies within a small chip embedded on the motherboard called Sideport Memory, a dedicated memory buffer for the integrated GPU, which gives the 790GX a trump card as the fastest integrated graphics solution on the market to date. That is not all that the 790GX boards have to offer; to get into the specifics, we are going to be reviewing the Foxconn A7DA-S motherboard to see how well this new chipset design performs.


Closer Look:

The Foxconn A7DA-S (the S stands for Sideport) arrived in discrete packaging with only the model number and some hardware support logos. The back of the board lists features that are included and supported on the Foxconn A7DA-S motherboard.





Opening the box reveals what I have been waiting for. Included with the Foxconn A7DA-S motherboard is the manual, quick start guide, driver/software CD, backplate, and IDE cable, a floppy cable, two SATA cables, two 4-pin to SATA power adapters, and an SATA to eSATA bracket.




Now that we have everything un-boxed, let's take a better look at the motherboard up close.

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