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ECS A790GXM-AD3 Review

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Closer Look:

M.I.B (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS):

This is the section you will spend most of your time in. This section is in an essence a menu within a menu because it is setup to make everything easy on you. I will also break this down in sections for you.








CPU Frequency Control:

In the CPU Function section a hidden section will appear. This section gives you specifications on the processor and gives you several options to change including the CPU frequence, the CPU voltage and the NB Frequency in increments.




Memory Configuration:

In the Memory Configuration section you have the ability to control the memory speeds again in preset increments and the timings from everything to the basic CAS latency to more fine tuning options for the best memory performance you can get. You can also view your settings in one glance for easy decision making.




Main Section:

Backing out to the main M.I.B. section we have the remainder of the overclocking options. First is Advanced Clock Calibration which allows you to change the clock speeds for either all cores together, or per core independently in percentages. You can also set the Spread Spectrum based on all clocks or the CPU clocks. Lastly, we have the Voltage Function which opens up the ability to change the voltage for the CPU, Memory, North and South Bridges, and the Sideport Memory. At the bottom of the M.I.B. there is another quick glance screen which allows you to see your options and make calculated changes.




 Now that the BIOS is all set up, we can move on to testing the board.

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