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Gigabyte A75M-D2H and A75-UD4H Motherboard Review

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For testing, I am going to be running these two boards side by side through the battery of OCC standard tests, comparing them to each other for performance comparisons. The testing is done on a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and updated with the latest Microsoft updates and Service Pack. The boards will be tested in both stock and overclocked conditions. Both motherboards are tested with the identical peripheral hardware. The latest drivers have been installed for the discreet graphic cards, as well as the Fusion graphics on the A8-3870K we are using for testing.


Test Setup: Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H / GA-A75-UD4H



Overclocking the A8-3870K flagship is a simple affair. With an unlocked multiplier and a base clock of 100MHz, I moved the multiplier up to x38 for a frequency of 3800MHz. While this was benchmark-stable, it would not pass a Prime 95 stress test. I backed it off to a x37 multiplier with added voltage of just over .10v and settled there with a 700MHz, or +20%, overclock. For the graphics core, I was able to achieve a 33% overclock of 925MHz, from a stock speed of 600MHz.




AMD System Monitor:


Another Tool I used is the extremely useful AMD System Monitor. It can be used to monitor how the system resources are being allocated with your A-series APU in real time. it can be grab it here.





  1. Apophysis
  2. WinRAR
  3. Geekbench 2.1
  4. Bibble 5
  5. Office 2007 Excel Number Crunch
  6. POV-Ray 3.7
  7. HandBrake .9.5
  8. Sandra 2011
  9. AIDA641.85
  10. Cinebench 10 & 11.5
  11. HD Tune 4.60
  12. PCMark 7
  13. Aliens vs. Predator
  14. Civilization V
  15. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  16. 3DMark 11

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