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Samsung SyncMaster 710N & 711T LCD Display Reviews


Closer Look 710N & 771T
The tiny differences are what seperate these 2 monitor designs.

On the left we have the digital and analog connections of the 711T and on the right, the analog-only connection of the 710N. Virtually identical.

Again, on the left we have the monitor function buttons of the 711T, and on the left the same of the 710N. Only difference: 711T has an additional function attached to allow switching between monitor sources (Analog vs Digital). Both menus are virtually identical, well designed and easy to navigate, with your standard options (brightness, contrast, etc.).

With the same software that we're accustomed to with the SyncMaster LCD line, MagicTune has got a bit of a facelift, but the functions are still the same.

When you open the program, you're presented with the MagicTune main page, starting on Picture menu with Brightness as the first choice.

In the Picture submenu, it allows you to manipulate the Brightness, Contrast and Resolution much the same as it would through the monitor's front buttons, with a simple slider to increase or decrease the settings. Also, it allows you to choose the MagicBright setting (Text, Internet, Entertainment or Custom)

In the Colour submenu, it allows you to change the tone of the screen (Warm, Normal, Cool), control the actual RGB colour, and Calibrate the screen colour with a simple wizard that walks you through the calibration methods.

On the last of the calibration submenus, the Image menu allows you to set up the quality of the screen (the Auto Setup button works wonders too) as well as the position of the screen, if for whatever reason you need to have your LCD monitor off-center.

The last 2 submenus are Options, which allows you to add (or remove) a task tray icon for MagicTune, as well as choosing what language you'd like it to be; and Support, which gives you links to the MagicTune website and the User Manual, as well as other basic software version information.

Overall, the MagicTune software is quite useful, allowing detailed calibration for the best possible viewing (and gaming) experience.

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