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Samsung SyncMaster 710N & 711T LCD Display Reviews


Installation 711T
So the 711T was very simple to install - largely plug and play, the drivers installed easily from the CD, and the additional software was click and install too, very simple. With the 711T you have the choice of having an analog or digital connection. Since I have the ability to, I went right to digital - I've found in the past it allows a slight performance increase in terms of clarity and helping to eliminate ghosting.

Closer Look 711T
So, let's take a closer look at the 711T itself:


So with these you can see the more robust base on the 711T, as well as the small width of the screen. The width of the screen isn't the smallest we've seen from Samsung, but the 711T has the power converter inside the monitor instead of having a seperate converter outside the monitor (as we saw in the SyncMaster 173P).

The base actually provides the ability to raise and lower the height of the screen itself, as well as rotate so you can have a vertical screen instead of the normal horizontal screen. The Pivot Pro software provided has a simple click-and-rotate dropdown menu that provides great ease-of-use. The benefits of a vertical screen are found mostly in wordprocessing (I'm using it writing this article) and surfing the web. More vertical space = less scrolling, plain and simple.


Another benefit of the 711T's already useful base is the ability to rotate it, with a wonderful swivel ring on the base.

Installation 710N
Once again, installation was simple. Installing the base of the monitor was easy, the instructions were good and it pretty much involved turning a thumbscrew. Attaching the monitor was plug-and-play, and drivers and software was easy to install. With the 710N being an Analog-only monitor, we didn't have the option of going digital like we did with the 711T.

I should mention here that I don't really like the 710N monitor base. Its lightweight, it doesn't have a big footprint, and if I ever bump my desk the monitor wobbles and looks like it might tip - it hasn't yet but its a worry I'd rather not have.

Closer Look 710N
So, with the monitor installed, let's take a closer look at the design.


So, the 710N is a little more simple then the 711T. The monitor is virtually identical, featuring the same width of the monitor, and once again this is caused by the integrated power converter. The 710N lacks where the 711T shines in terms of functional design. The 710N is at a fixed height, doesn't have the same rotation-ring the base of the 711T has, and does not rotate, thus explaining the lack of PivotPro software.

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