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Plantronics Audio 550 DSP Headset



To wrap everything up, these headsets are absolutely wonderful when the bass is turned off. The bass sounds very bad when you turn the volume up near the max that the headset can achieve because it interferes with the sound and just sounds horrible. So I was let down in the bass aspect of the headset. The microphone couldn’t be better because it didn’t pick up any background noises while I was talking. The comfort of these headsets is a huge plus. I can say that these are the only headphones that I have ever worn for more than two hours that haven’t hurt my ears the slightest bit. The volume control is nice, but the mute button is even better. I love being able to have the microphone on mute and still hear everything people were saying. These headsets are great for everyday users who won’t be messing with the bass levels on the headset. I think this headset is good for gaming as well, because you can keep the headset on for hours on end and never have sore ears. The microphone is the best that anyone can ask for on a headset because of how well it records sound and doesn’t pick up outside noises.


  • Comfort
  • Microphone
  • Volume/Mute Controls
  • Sound



  • Bass at high volume
  • No software CD

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