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Sapphire HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition

Makaveli    -   September 5, 2007
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Benchmark: Call of Duty 2

In this popular World War II multiplayer first-person shooter, we'll be testing frames per second on the map of Stalingrad, Russia.





  • Anti-aliasing: x4
  • Texture Filter: Trilinear





This card still isn't doing better than the HD 2600 XT, which I expected to happen since it is the "Ultimate" edition. It isn't too far off, so I'm guessing this is the trade off you take for a silent card - slightly less performance for silence.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Benchmark: Far Cry
  5. Benchmark: F.E.A.R.
  6. Benchmark: Call of Duty 2
  7. Benchmark: Quake 4
  8. Benchmark: NFS Most Wanted
  9. Benchmark: Microsoft FSX
  10. Benchmark: 3D Mark 06
  11. Benchmark: RyderMark
  12. Conclusion
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