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Sapphire HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition

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The Sapphire HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition video card wasn't what I thought it was going to be. My assumption was that this card was going to have the exact same performance as the Sapphire HD 2600 XT, but be completely silent. I was correct about the silence because this video card has no fan on it, which made my case almost dead silent. When you look at the testing results, you'll really see just how close this video card was to matching the regular HD 2600 XT. It was only off by a few frames per second for every game so I can't say this card is terrible. The toll of having a completely silent video card is to lose a few frames per second in games? I'll take that any day of the week. If you're looking for a high-end gaming video card, this isn't your card. This card is ideal for the people who do play games, but lightly and don't need to play everything at maxed out resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, I was impressed to see this video card exceed the Sapphire HD 2600 XT in the 1600 x 1200 results in RyderMark. This makes it clear that this card can handle the high resolutions, and don't forget it's DirectX 10 capable as well. If you're looking for a silent video card that has onboard 5.1 audio, high definition capabilities, and supports DirectX 10, but you're not a hardcore gamer, don't look past this Sapphire HD 2600 XT Ultimate Edition video card. Check back to OverclockersClub.com for our DirectX 10 video card round up coming soon!



  • Silent
  • DirectX 10
  • HDMI
  • High Definition
  • Ease of Installation



  • Slightly worse performance than an HD 2600 XT
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