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Folding@Home (F@H or FAH) is a distributed computing project maintained by the Stanford University which studies protein folding or more specifically protein misfolding, and the related diseases that can occur. Such diseases include Alzheimer's, Mad Cow (BSE) Disease, CJD, ALS, Huntington's, Parksinson's, and may other diseases including cancer.

By participating in the F@H program, your computer or PlayStation 3 essentially becomes part of a global super computer. Each additional computer brings the program closer to their goals.

As with the SETI Team, we also come together here and discuss and share different points of view, review particularly interesting WU's that someone may have come across, or answer questions that anyone has (and ask a few ourselves, too, when we're stumped on something).

To participate in the Overclockers Club Folding@Home Team, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Folding@Home client. The system should automatically refer you to the most appropriate download based on your browser settings, or you can click the links below for direct access.
  2. For Windows users, all you need to do is run the setup file and enter in your username when it asks for it. For OS X and Linux users when you first run the either client, you will be asked for your user name. Enter in your username that you use on Overclockers Club. It is case sensitive, so make sure it is correct.

    User name should include only alphanumeric characters or an underscore.
  3. This only applies for Mac and Linux installations: After entering your user name into the client you will be asked for your team number. The OCC Team number is 12772. After entering this in, any work units will be returned for Team OCC.
  4. Run F@H whenever you can! If you go out of town, leave your computer on and running F@H. If you go to sleep, leave your computer on and running F@H. Once you have completed some WU's (Work Units) you will get a cool looking DNA strand icon and it will appear under your name in the forums.

If you still have questions, need help getting a client running, or simply want to discuss things feel free to stop by the OCC Team Forum.

Alternate install methods and Live CDs

Folding CD Generator - This is a nice trick. Just put in your team and user information, download the 3 MB CD image, burn and fold away. No configuration is required after downloading the CD image. This disk is very good if you want a simple hands-off folding farm.

F@H Monitoring Applications

Useful Resources and Guides

Overclockers Club Folding@Home Team Image

We currently have several images you can choose from that show your support for the project, the OCC team, as well as your personal stats. These are only available for members that contribute to the OCC team. Just copy and paste the code from the approprate box and paste it on your website or forum signature.

NOTE: You will have to edit this code! Change the name "d3bruts1d" to the name you use in Folding@Home. You can check your name here. The names ARE case sensitive! If your name appears in all CAPS at the folding@home team list, you will need to type it in all CAPS in this image code.

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