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Logitech Purchasing Blue Microphones

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 04:11AM

Yesterday it was announced that Logitech will be acquiring Blue Microphones. Logitech makes a variety of devices, including computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and webcams. Blue Microphones is the company behind the Blue Snowball and Yeti microphones used by many streamers, but it also makes much higher-end, professional microphones for use in studios. With this acquisition, Blue gains access to Logitech's greater resources and Logitech sees it as a way to help it expand into still growing markets.

To purchase Blue Microphones, Logitech is spending approximately $117 million in cash and expect the transaction to close by the end of August.

Source: Blue Microphones, Logitech [1] (Blog) and [2] (Investor Relations)

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