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Dark Rock 4 Series CPU Coolers Announced by be quiet!

Category: CPU Cooling
Posted: 05:55AM

When putting together a computer, there can be a balancing act between performance and noise, but thankfully there are a number of products out there that exist to enable high performance without being loud. A new example of this is the Dark Rock 4 series from be quiet!, a power supply market leader in Germany that also makes air coolers. The Dark Rock 4 and Dark Rock Pro 4 build on the designs of their predecessors to provide greater cooling without being louder.

The Dark Rock 4 single-tower cooler has a maximum power capacity of 200 W thanks to optimizations compared to the previous design. It sports six heat pipes to bring the heat up to the wave-contoured cooling fans that also feature a special black coating that contains ceramic particles to improve heat transfer. It comes with a single Silent Wings PWM fan to move air silently.

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is a double-tower cooler with many of the same features of the Dark Rock 4. It has a seventh heat pipe though and a second fan, a Silent Wings 3 PWM, for improved cooling, reaching a TDP of 250 W. While the Dark Rock 4 improved its cooling while staying as loud as its predecessor, the Dark Rock 4 Pro instead reduced the noise level to 24.3 dB(A) while keeping the cooling performance of its predecessor.

The Dark Rock 4 has an MSRP of $74.90 while the Dark Rock Pro 4 is set to cost you $89.99. Both coolers are backed by a three-year warranty.

Source: Press Release

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Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on April 11, 2018 22:18
I wonder if these coolers will perform as good as the Nuctua D15 coolers. I am hoping so because I like the look of these in the black out mode look more so than the D15 coolers so here is hoping they perform as well or better.

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