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NVIDIA Reportedly Asking Retailers to Limit Per Customer Sales to Focus on Gamers

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 11:30AM

If you have looked at the prices of graphics cards recently, you might have been shocked at the high prices. This is because cryptocurrency miners are buying them up as fast as they can and as many as they can. This has hit the supplies and therefore the cost of AMD GPUs especially hard, as they typically have a better return on investment than NVIDIA GPUs, but miners are turning to GeForce cards when that is what is available, so both sides are being impacted.

In an effort to hopefully get more GPUs to gamers than miners, NVIDIA has supposedly requested retailers to limit GPU sales to two per customer, something NVIDIA is doing on its own webstore. Of course NVIDIA cannot force a retailer to adopt this policy, but there is still hope it will help gamers get the hardware they want by preventing miners from emptying out entire stocks in a few clicks. With miners still willing to pay well above MSRP though, it is hard to see when or how prices will drop.

Source: WCCFtech

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