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AMD Releases NVMe RAID Driver for Threadripper X399 Platform

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 10:39AM

Today AMD has released the driver and management software needed for its Threadripper X399 platform to create an NVMe RAID. This is for those HEDT users that need the resilience, speed, or both that RAID 0, 1, and 10 can offer. There are no activation keys, license fees, or SSD restrictions, so if you have the hardware, you can just download and install the latest AMD DRAIDXpert2 package, update your BIOS, and build a very fast RAID.

To show off what is possible with this driver on its platform, AMD had its performance lab test up to six 512 GB Samsung 960 Pro NVMe SSDs. Without adapters, the platform only supports up to seven simultaneous PCIe devices, which is why they tested up to six drives, assuming the seventh PCIe device would be a GPU. With a six of the drives in RAID 0, AMD reached 21.2 GB/s for read (6x scaling) and 11.5 GB/s write (5.38x scaling). You can see the results in the chart below.

Source: AMD

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