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Far Cry 5 Announced with February 27 Release Date

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:59PM

On February 27, 2018 for the first time in the franchise, players will get to visit America in Far Cry 5 on PC, Xbox One (including Project Scorpio), and PlayStation 4. More specifically, the game is set in Montana, in the fictional Hope County where you will be playing as the new junior deputy. Your arrival has accelerated the plans of the Project at Eden's Gate, a fanatical doomsday cult that is now trying to violently take over the county.

To fight back against the cult you will join the residents of Hope County to form the Resistance and use various vehicles and weapons. These vehicles include airplanes as you will engage in aerial dogfights with the cultists across Big Sky Country. There will also be American muscle cars, big rigs, ATVs, and boats to use, especially when you are trying to escape the cult or the wild animals. Making a return is the map editor, allowing players to create new playgrounds.

There are a number of Far Cry 5 videos up on YouTube, and you can find them all at the linked source below.

Source: Ubisoft and Press Release

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Waco on May 27, 2017 03:53
Preordered on Kinguin for $43 as soon as I saw the trailer. :)
Dynamic on May 28, 2017 01:48

They should of made a November release instead of next year.

Waco on May 29, 2017 04:35

They should of made a November release instead of next year.

I'd rather they release a finished product than a buggy mess.

Braegnok on May 29, 2017 12:07

This looks like a fun game, with a shitload of fun toys.  


I'm in,.. going to Montana and harvest some souls.  


pre-order : https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/buy/index.aspx

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