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Microsoft Streaming Service Beam Renamed to Mixer

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:19PM

It might not be as popular as Twitch or YouTube is for livestreaming video games, but the Microsoft-owned streaming service Beam has gotten a fairly significant update today, including a name change to Mixer. One of the key features of Beam has been its ultra-low latency design, so there is very little lag between when the streamer does something and when a viewer sees it. There are even systems to allow the audience to interact with the streamer and directly influence the game, and this is why the name Mixer was decided on, as the service is meant to bring people together.

Beyond the name change, Beam/Mixer has received some new features, including Co-Streaming and the Mixer Create beta app for Android and iOS. With co-streaming up to four streamers can have their streams combined into one viewer experience, with a single chat. For example, this would mean a party of four in Left 4 Dead could all stream their gameplay and the audience could watch all of them from a single page, with a centralized chat. There is no requirement that the four streamers are playing the same game though. The Mixer Create beta app allows people to broadcast from their smartphone, but it will be in a later update that streaming gameplay from your device will be added.

In addition to these changes there is also the start of Channel One, a moderated channel that is always streaming, addition of the Mixer Page to the Xbox One dashboard, the Mixer NYC studio at the flagship Microsoft Store, and a Mixer celebration going on today with an interactive fireworks show at the end.



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