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IBM Announces Plans to Build Universal Quantum Computing Systems

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 02:04PM

Quantum mechanics is a weird and wonderful science that can allow seemingly impossible things to happen, such as particles to exist in multiple places at the same time. This and other phenomena have potential for use in quantum computers, but building such systems is far from easy, naturally limiting researchers' access to the potential computing power. Today IBM announced IBM Q, an initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems, and that the company is working on a new SDK and API for the IBM Quantum Experience, which gives anyone access to IBM's quantum processor via the IBM Cloud.

With the new API for Quantum Experience, more developers and programmers will be able to tap the five qubit system already accessible, without requiring a background in quantum physics. The new SDK however, which is to be released in the first half of this year, will allow for circuits of up to 20 qubits to be modelled by an upgraded simulator. Even that will be surpassed though as IBM also intends to introduce commercial IBM Q systems with about 50 qubits in the next few years. At this level of complexity it should be possible to show how quantum computers can surpass classical computers.



Source: IBM

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