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Zenimax Requests Injunction Against Oculus

Category: General News
Posted: 01:21PM

Like almost anytime there is a lawsuit between two large companies, things are not over yet. The suit between ZeniMax and Oculus over whether ZeniMax proprietary code was illegally used in creating the Oculus Rift VR headset ended not too long ago. ZeniMax won a $500 million judgement and the jury said that while trade secrets were not stolen, Oculus uses copyrighted code without permission and an NDA was violated. While $500 million is a fraction of the billions ZeniMax had sought in damage, it opened the door for requesting an injunction against the code being used, and now the company has done just that. As this code has already been made available to developers to use by Oculus, such an injunction could have a significant impact on the whole of VR.

There is some speculation that ZeniMax might actually be trying to use the pressure of such an injunction, if it is granted, to force Oculus, and its owner Facebook, to reach a settlement. Only time will tell what will come of this, but for now we know the story and legal battle will continue.

Source: Reuters

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