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Switching to NVIDIA Top Priority for Nintendo Switch

Category: Gaming
Posted: 04:43PM

Nintendo technology head Genyo Takeda described the decision to switch to NVIDIA for the Nintendo Switch after using ATI graphics in its previous three systems as a "top priority." NVIDIA has been leading the market in PC graphics for some time, and Nintendo is hoping that it can replicate that success on the Switch. Takeda further elaborated on the decision, stating "The PC has been a major gaming device, especially outside of Japan, and my top priority in the development of the Nintendo Switch hardware was to bring NVIDIA?s GeForce, which has played a key role in realizing high-performance graphics for PC gaming, to our hardware with low power consumption." The Switch will be powered by a custom-made Tegra chip.

Source: Nintendo Today

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potatochobit on February 10, 2017 21:46
I bought a switch I hope to sell it on ebay next month because I am a jerk like that seroiusly, though this tegra chip doesnt seem very good. it is basically still a wii-U, just portable. most likely, battery game time is holding back the system.
Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on February 13, 2017 19:56
Mr Takeda please do not put Nintendo Switch and PC gaming in the same sentence they are very different platforms. Just because it says Geforce on the Tegra chip does not mean it is the same hardware that goes into a Video card. Well it is to some extent I guess but also not near as powerful even as a lower end Geforce PC card. Trying to blur the lines like this & confuse buyers of your mobile/weak console is just wrong. Yes it's got low power usage but so does every high end phone out there that most likely has close to the same performance as your new switch.

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