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Graphene Made by Explosion

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 06:03PM

We have another example of serendipity resulting in a potentially significant scientific discovery. In 2004 graphene was first isolated, and ever since then, with its amazing characteristics, including strength, flexibility, and conductivity, becoming better understood, researchers have been trying to find ways to mass produce it. Researchers at Kansas State University have done just that while working on something else.

The original experiment was to develop and ultimate patent carbon soot aerosol gels. The process for making these gels involved filling a 17 liter aluminum chamber with a hydrocarbon, such as acetylene or ethylene, and oxygen. A spark plug would then ignite and detonate the gases and the resulting soot would form the aerosol gels that seemed to resemble "black angel food cake," as one researcher described it. It was when the researchers more closely examined the soot that they discovered it was comprised of graphene.

The current methods for producing graphene can involve a lot of energy, special catalysts, and some potentially dangerous chemicals to produce milligrams of the carbon allotrope, while this method takes just a spark and results in grams of graphene. Now the researchers are working on improving the quality of the graphene, developing equipment to collect the graphene more quickly, and how to scale the process up for industry.



Source: Kansas State University

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